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At work there is a guy who constantly reminds me that he has done more than me and knows more than me. He also talks about a lot of his previous work experience and I must say he has one impressive resume.

Here is a list of all the jobs and talents he stated to have done.over the years since I have known him:
- computer hacker
- home builder
- certified cabnait builder
- pro fisherman
- lumberjack
- NASCAR Crew member
- shrimp boat captain
- supervisor of a toy factory
- built yachts(he doesn't remember which company)
-certified pipe fitter (believable)
- machinist (his actual job)
- building demolition and explosives expert
- drove semi pro stock car
- auto mechanic (also believable)
- body guard to the US President
- museum security guard
- semi pro golfer
- owns a sub sandwich shop
- auto body
- product tester for miller welding equipment
- Indy car crew member
- Lawn mower mechanic
- worked on the space shuttle for NASA
- worked in a saw mill
- built a model car that goes 120+mph
- was a cop for 3 years
- went to college for business
- had a minor role in a movie (can't remember which one, or what part)
- fished with TV personality Babe Winckelman 3 times.
- visited by the FBI after publishing an essay about building a nuclear device with things around the house
- was picked up 21 times for drunk driving and let go with a warning every time.
- used to repo cars
- owns a shotgun that will literally blow a deer in half
- claims to be an expert on steel and alloys (still never gave me an answer on how many points of carbon in stainless steel)
- has made a 100% true samuari sword in his garage

So, anyone know anyone similar to what I described?
All the pop up for the Apes bullshit, this is some beyond the grave voodoo shit for the death of Harambe.  I am sure of it.  The Ape gods are pissed and we blew it all up!  DAMN YOU!!!  DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!

Also I got fired form my job.
On this stretch of road a dog loves to play.  For the past week he has been out there running on the county road.  And I have had to dodge him every fucking time!  This little black and white piece of shit ankle biter Jack Russell terrier.  I tried to remove said dog from the road only for it to fuck off down the road at a dead sprint for a 1/2 mile then run into the middle of the road again. 

Normally I tell people to go play in traffic as an insult, but this fucking dog thinks it's a fucking game to dodge cars at the last possible second.  This fucking dog wants to die but keeps chickening out at the last second.  Next time, I am not stopping.  Don't worry, good old Doctor Kevorkian is hearing your prayers little pub.  Heaven is coming doggy!  All four tires!   
So I have been doing a massive amount of research on the Divisions of the German SS during WWII.  It is a massive undertaking with a very broad and information hit and miss.  But while researching I was reading personal account, memoirs, unit history, deployments battles.  They were not just confined to Germans, Arabs, Dutch, Scandinavians, and even French(who ironically were defending the Reichstag during the fall of Berlin.)  Once such unit in particular, the 36th SS who were just horrible.  Better known as "Einsatzgruppen"  Lead by a sadist and convicted child molester.  So I started to read a book called "Master's of Death" which is about Einsatzgruppen and there colorful history of state sponsored genocide across Eastern Europe.  Now I already did some holocaust research and watched many History Channel specials on the subject but not in this detail. 

1st hand accounts of a soldier stabbing a infant with a bayonet then parading the dead baby still impaled on the bayonet through the streets. Sardine Packing in which they dug a trench, put a group in front of it at the edge of the pit so when they shot them they would fall in, be covering in dirt then bring in the next until the pit was filled.  Often times making the victims dig there own mass grave.  They would have competitions to see how many one man could killed in one day, and some getting over 500 kills in a single day.  Then playing the same to next day.  Women and children raped to death then shot.  Gathering Jews into a single building then using flame throwers to torch it and shooting anyone who escaped.  The entire book is just a train wreck of dead orphans and puppies.  3 times I had to put the book down.  You think, "The good guys will show up to save the day right?"  No it's just death, murder, rape and more fucking death.  The horrible fact about these men is many disappeared or were never apprehended.  However after reading the entire book cover to cover I feel 100% more enlightened and more humble after the fact.     

So my question is, have anyone you done research into a subject only to just stop and rethink or discover something you wish you never had?


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